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Scrooge - Paul Bullock

Fred - Jas Halsey

Scrooge’s Stooge - Amy Whiter

Scrooge’s Stooge - Oliver Whiter

Scrooge’s Stooge - Sean Munroe

Scrooge as a young man – Jas Halsey

Scrooge’s fiancé – Nicola Cleather

Boy Scrooge - Zack Harding 

Sister Fan - Amy Cleather

Marley’s Ghost – Roger Gibbs

Spirit of Christmas Past – Deborah Gibson

Spirit of Christmas Present - Alma Griffith

Spirit of Christmas Future – Steve Clemo 

Bob Cratchit – Fin O’Regan  

Mrs Cratchit - Debbie Carter

Martha Cratchit – Jasmine Fry

Belinda Cratchit - Alexis Cleather 

Agnes Cratchit – Nancy Gethin

Tiny Tim - Charlie Stewart 

Peter Cratchit – Sean Munro 

First Lady - Fiona Rosen 

Second Lady - Nicola Cleather 

Undertaker`s Assistant - Adam Muhammed

Mrs Filcher - Anne Edney   

Mrs Dilber – Debbie Clemo

Fezziwig – Steve Clemo 

Joe (Pawnbroker) – Roger Gibbs

Polly – Roz Copeland 

Emily- Maya Harwood

Dick Wilkins – Ryan Stock

Topper – Ryan Stock

Merchants – Alma Griffith, Deborah Gibson, Steve Clemo,  

Ensemble: Patricia Coe

For more information please contact Jeff Chinappen: jeffreychinappen@blueyonder.co.uk 

For the audition form, backing tracks and audition pieces click on the Scrooge image on this page or click on the link here


Please note that some of the auditioned parts are small and you will be included in the chorus for the rest of the show. It may even be the case that you will also get to play an additional listed character part, since the timing of certain characters on the stage allows for this. 

SYNOPSIS OF THE SHOW Ebenezer Scrooge, who begins the Christmas holiday in his usual penny pinching, grumpy mood, is unexpectedly woken on Christmas Eve by the ghost of his long dead business partner Jacob Marley who warns him of his impending fate..... To walk the earth dragging chains in agony and shame.  Later that night the spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Future, take him on an eye opening journey where he learns about the true meaning and spirit of Christmas Faced with his own story of bitterness Scrooge must decide what his future will hold before it’s too late... A new setting of the ever popular, ‘A Christmas Carol’, written by Charles Dickens with catchy melodies and a witty script make this ideal production for all the family to enjoy.


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Click here to go to the Ticket Office

Tickets will be available on the door of the venue